We are asking for days when Giorgio Chiellini is best as the full-back or as central defender. We have certainly seen great performance from Giorgio as full-back on several occasions, see challenges with Milan this year and last year with prescriti. 

In that position he did well, as Giorgio has done well as central in other. The idea that comes to head to many is that Giorgio can play better as a full-back in big challenges where you must take up more of the defensive than the offensive, while games with small teams, where the boost phase is crucial, come out some gaps in a role that George is ready to do but only of necessity. 

 It is not the fault of Chiellini, which remains the best Italian defender, but if you attack a lot then lose the lucidity to defend and the players run away, as happened in the goal of Marco Rossi. In short, Juventus will have to think seriously about how best to use Chiellini, the ideal would be to move in center in the challenges with smaller teams, preferring a full-ball with more push precisely to avoid the dual role of Giorgio. 

 Difficult to understand the best solution, doubts remain many to Conte on how to fix them.

 by:Massimo Pavan adapted by: Mike Prise