MADRID, June 30, 2011 – When it came out after a complicated birth from the womb of her young motherSergio Leonel Aguero weighed 4 kilos and 400 gramsWe do not know if he has the low center of gravity and the speed of legs that distinguish him now his life as a man  inside  the area, but imagine the plump look and  choleric thighs, without bangs.

Juvenile. Mom  Adriana was 18, Dad was already at 20 and Leonel was their second child. They will arrive at 7They were so young that they could not even leave the hospital with the child: an adult had to sign and this fall to his grandmother Aguero, who thus ended up giving the name to “pupone” that really should be called Del Castillo as the father, sought neighborhood playerFast forward: the man who Juventus  wants as ice axes to climb to the top of football is a guy who loves is the “cumbia”the playstation, the daughter of Maradona and the penalty area .

The first is a popular music born in Colombia and adopted by the Argentines, the other things were known to us.  Aguero has quickly become the Kun, he lived a childhood with few pesos and as much football, has beat records of precocity in the series, has made fans of Independiente to fall in love with himhe arrived in Europe at 18 for 23 million euros, then the story with Gianina and at  twenty years has given to his grandfather Diego the first grandson Benjamin Aguero MaradonaThis spring, he scored his hundredth goal for Atletico Madrid and 3 days after he posted on his website a bomb-letter, called, I miss a needless piece of cumbia, It’s time to go“. A long farewell to Atletico Madrid, in the team in which he finished its first 5 profitable year plan in Europe.

Partners/1. At Atletico, Aguero played a year with Fernando Torres  and 4 with ForlanThe lack of compatibility with the “El Niño quickly became apparent, so much that they decided on Calderon for the Great Sacrifice: out  the Pride of Atletico, sold to Liverpool for his weight in gold, in another blond player more suitable, more coupled with Aguero. The game worked: Atletico even with it’s constantly life on the verge of a nervous breakdown has won something, Forlan scored a lot, Kun has assisted  him, with assists and goals. That’s why  Aguero  is the  man of 360 degrees area : 68 of his 74 goals were scored in La Liga within the 16 meters, but at the goals we add many decisive assists.

Partners/2. In the national team Aguero has won two Under-20 World Cup and one Olympics. In the first trophy of youth, Netherlands 2005, was the reserve Oberman, who with Messi (and Archubi) composed the offensive department of Argentina . Two years later in CanadaAguero was the starter (top scorer and best player of the tournament) in the midst of Piatti and Zarate (or Di Maria). In 2008, Messi and Di Maria, in Beijing, lined the Kun.

With the senior national team things were complicated by the exceptional generation of strikers (Messi, Tevez, Milito, Higuain, Lavezzi, Di Maria ) and the invention of Guardiola who has moved Messi in the middle of attack by closing (without will) the door to Aguero (and other pretenders). But if the albiceleste the Kun is blocked by the phenomenon of Leo, Juventus will be the center of everything: around his Romario body will turn the entire Juventus orbit  .

Kun like the cartoon. Aguero explained for all why “Kun:

don Cheti called me so, a neighbor, because of a Japanese cartoon, Kun Kun, who was the terror of his granddaughters. I was also terrible with his ​​girls  Then I was Kun for all. “

 source: La Gazzetta dello Sport
by: Filippo Maria Ricci
adapted by: Mike Prise