Now finally I can smile! I’ve got rid of the Dead Wood!

We usually give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and these days we have read so many. For example, that Juventus would have spent a lot in this market: wrong, Juventus has operated in this market wisely and saved on the mountain engagements. Here in detail what has saved from the sale of Amauri, Toni, and loans Iaquinta , Pazienza and Marco Motta. 

For Amauri a gain and total gain after the accrual of approximately 2.5 million total. For Toni nearly one million net of engagement, which gross are about two. Same goes for Iaquinta, although there will be a small contribution from Juventus, but we are talking about a gain of about one million. For Marco Motta about 500 thousand euros and the same is true for Michele Pazienza

In short, at the end Juventus gained in this session or rather saved 6.5 million euros. We also wanted to add one million of Fabio Grosso, but unfortunately we can not. Since the most important thing is that Juventus in June, will already have a savings of 6.3 million in salary (3.8 to Amauri and 2.5 Toni) and eventually the saving of Vincenzo Iaquinta (2.5 million), in short, we speak a total of about 15 million that Juventus could invest. 

A major move for the future, than in past years Juventus in the summer will have fewer branches to prune.;
 adapted by: Mike Prise