I am blinking! Can’t you see? So who will be the new Amauri, I wonder?
The words from yesterday of Beppe Marotta have inspired us, “we would like to introduce a new concept, a new model of contract, which is related to the flexibility, the business risk that must not be only for the companies, but must field even to the players. the maximum would be yes to introduce bonuses, but also to introduce the malus system, in the sense that players are still the fundamental assets to achieve the goals and right that to earn when they reach the business objectives and they lose when these goals are not achieved, perhaps because medium companies caliber at risk indeed relegation. I believe that the participation of the athletes, the players in terms of economic risk to what is then the life of a company in terms of results and objectives, I believe is a model that we can apply and coexist in our world. ” 

Marotta’s ideas are not only acceptable, but desirable in a football world that sees too often the societies slave of the situation of their players. The situation Amauri, but not only it will have an example with players who say no to the proposed benefit and the company that loses millions of euros. Wanting, instead to economic application of what has been seen up to now, there are definitely players conceived as a “bonus” and some from “malus “, with some that are and remain legacies of the past. We limit ourselves to the new and those that are in Juve, and that by not including ‘”bonus” in default such as Chiellini, Marchisio and Buffon, Del Piero

Among the BONUS ,Vidal, Lichtsteiner, Barzagli, Matri, Giaccherini, Estigarribia, Storari, Caceres, Ziegler, Giovinco. All for different reasons. Or because they have maintained the premises of value or because they have rapidly entered in the circle of the sympathies of fans, or even because they have a market value. Bonus Giovinco and Ziegler also because they create value for different reasons. 

Among the MALUS: Martinez, Amauri, Borriello, Krasic, Elia. Here too different reasons. from Solid waste to perpetual disappointment, failure to adapt to schemes and positions or for those who like the quantity but does not score. 

In addition to the “bonus” and MALUS there are those who wait in the waiting room: Quagliarella, Vucinic, De Ceglie, Bonucci, expect to get bonuses, as we all hope. To them touches to demonstrate something more in the season, with the bonus is won the future. There is who are on the right track as De Ceglie, who comes out of the lamp as Vucinic who enters and exits as Quagliarellla and finally those who must find their way as Bonucci

So the new era of bonus and MALUS seems drawn, and each one is master of his fate. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise