YES! I Still got it! Have you ever doubted?

VINOVO (Torino), February 14, 2012 – Among the many images that tell the wonderful season for Juventus, there is one that deserves a caption particular for its deep meaning. The hug between Antonio Conte and Andrea Pirlo after the sci-fi assist to Lichtsteiner for the first goal for Juventus in Bergamo provides something more important and decisive than even valuable win against Atalanta. That Embrace tastes like a safe bet, even if it is unfair to compare the art of Pirlo in a game of chance. Yet early in the season there was some concern: it was the time of 4-2-4, the central midfielders which in theory should primarily retrieve the ball quickly and then pass it on the wings. Then Juve has changed module, but it has happened to help Pirlo: the former Milan player had fitted perfectly well in 4-2-4 winning Conte from the first day of training camp. 

The Motivations. The coach of Juve never misses an opportunity to praise Pirlo and never dwells on the technical side: it would be trivial. Prefers to emphasize the professionalism, commitment and devotion. If it is true that the whole comes from the head, it is undeniable that Andrea needed a new motivation. He sure has done well to see him grow around the new Juve. Pirlo was the first purchase: blocked by Beppe Marotta soon became clear that would not renew with Milan, was the foundation stone on which to build a team who now dreams of the championship. 

The turning athletics. Andrea had been confined by Allegri to the margins of Milan: Before the technician had changed him role, preferring Van Bommel before the defense as a midfielder and put him as mezzala, and then also because of an injury he had placed him on the bench. The problem was not the exclusion, perhaps temporary, but the philosophical provision : on Milan had decided that Pirlo was no longer needed. That’s why Andrea has left. Just arrived in Turin, the regista was confronted with new methods of training that has rapidly metabolized and that proved ideal for him. Less climbs, the more long run, less gym, more intensity in the field, less sand tanks, more elasticity.
Especially less weight and more isoinerziali machines (as happens to Barcelona) thanks to which the muscle is strengthened but not shortens. And then the yo-yo, which is a test / evaluate work / training the resistance. Pirlo, he confessed himself, feels twice the strength in his legs. And the results are obvious. One can not of course claim that the athletic performance of a man of 32 years are the same as when he was a boy of 26, but it is evident that the field has been able to erase the doubts related to his capacity. Even the false history of a Pirlo not dynamic could not take root in Turin: has always been great in aerobic qualities, Andrea continues to run a lot. And in Italy Cup against AC Milan has run 11 kilometers, only Giaccherini did better. 

The goal. Now, to complete the picture, is missing only one thing: the goal. Pirlo has not scored since Oct. 2, 2010: that night he played with AC Milan to Parma. The game was not unblovkin and Andrea’s shot from the exit of stadium. Ball at junction and victory for Rossoneri, important step towards the Scudetto. Tomorrow Juve plays in Parma and this is an important, indeed essential, in the run to the title. From the toll or from only an inchcounts only scoring: Pirlo’s foot is very hot. 

source: GdS by: G.B. Olivero
adapted by: Mike Prise