HELLAS-JUVENTUSDifficult game for Juventus tomorrow afternoon, in that of Verona against a team that is proving to be the surprise of the Serie A. The two teams come to this challenge very good form, accomplices the successes, respectively, against Inter and Sassuolo, who have in fact confirmed the ranking position of both formations. Buffon and his companions, if they want to continue their Scudetto race, they have to avoid some “episodes” of a increasingly difficult and full of pitfalls away game.

RELAXATION – One thing did not appeal to Antonio Conte after 3-1 inflicted to Inter: relaxation after goals from Rolando, even for a few minutes, causing the difficult moments, then promptly passed. Problems, if we may so call them, already noticed against Sampdoria (4-2 in favor of Juventus). The warning, then, is clear: Do not loosen the tension anyway.

FOURTHREETHREE” – The encounter between Verona and Juventus will also be able to admire the yellow and blue 4-3-3 against the Piedmontese 3-5-2, modules that are giving great satisfaction to both Mandorlini and to Conte. Precisely the technical Pugliese, along with his team, will have to keep the antenna straight to the tactical scheme of his “colleague”, which relies mainly on the contribution of the outer lanes, reinforced by two good players and diligent (even offensively speaking) as Cacciatore and Agostini. It would be useful buffer the bands and counterattack.

MIDFIELD – A midfield 3 formed by Romulo, Donati and Hallfredsson is very respectable. If, instead of one of the three, Marquinho insert, then you know you meet a team that knows its stuff. Donati (if was playing) would be to protect the screen of the third line, with the former Fiorentina and Icelandic good at covering / offend immediately with conclusions from the outside. If, however, will be Marquinho to play, Donati would sit on the bench, with Hallfredsson moved to the center. The median 5-of Juventus will not allow even the slightest room for opponents, otherwise it will be pain.

INSERTIONS – A constant of Verona is represented by the goals born after insertions central and not. In this, Romulo offensively is the most dangerous, because he can quickly escape to the marking of opponents. A sort of item that you “camouflaged” in the field. Do not underestimate the work by Juanito, skilled, such as team-mate to take advantage of the openings that the teams in front of him will grant.

TONITURBE” – One of the most interesting goal couples of this league is named, indeed surname, Toni and Iturbe. The 15 goals in two (the former Juventus has initialed 10) thanks to a tremendous job of both, good to help each other during the games (the striker from Modena, according to the website Opta, has intervened actively in the last 7 goals on 10, with 5 goals and two assists). Iturbe is synonymous with speed, not coincidentally is nicknamed Iturbo, factor that for Toni means a better chance of scoring. Beware, also, to head shots of the center forward world champion and the conclusions of the former Porto. Better safe than sorry.

by: Matteo Brancati