Go Paolino GO! You have to prove all of us we were wrong about U!
Martin Caceres serves to Juventus? He probably is, but need more a midfielder who can relieve Vidal and Marchisio. So how do you do, as Caceres and Guarin are both non-EU? Hard to tell, but there is a man who is trying in every way to give the answer and he does the best on the field. This person, is Paolo De Ceglie after the match against Cagliari has put in place to provide the second performance level in Bergamo. 

A good news for all those who have always believed in the Valle d’Aosta player, and even claimed that he was also stronger than other players who have been ordained from the Primavera. De Ceglie knows returning to pre-injury levels of Delneri with Milan. High levels that can lead him quickly to earn the starter role, pushing in the center Giorgio Chiellini. Conte believes strongly in De Ceglie and the player is ready to put on the field commitment and character. The road is still long, but if confirmed the value in the coming challenges, perhaps the left-back you might find at home focusing resources elsewhere, especially in midfield. 

source: tuttojuve.com 
adapted by: Mike Prise