In Australia is already midnight and so….


On this day I dedicate you a quote from an article a friend of mine wrote a while ago:

What would be the Story of Camelot without Arthur? What would be “The Iliad” without Achille? What about The Catholic Church without a Pope? Or a civilization without art? I don’t expect an answer , it’s one of those rhetorical questions! What would be Juventus without Del Piero? Still a great club , for sure , still a succesful team with great champions like Boniperti, Sivori , Furino Platini , Boniek and so many others.But is Juventus greater because of “ALessandro the Great”? Of course it is! He is unique in the same way a polished diamond is. He gives value to an entire ERA , he gives sense to an entire struggle , he brings people to the great show in the Arena in the same way old gladiators did. But this one is a gladiator that does use brut force,does not not spill blood , he does not need to bring pain to others , nor does he seek glory for himself , but for something greater than him , JUVENTUS! “ 

The rest of this beautifully written article can be found here: