The Turin derby has given us a beautiful cover: Claudio Marchisio absolute protagonist in the first goal on a cross from Sebastian Giovinco, Sebastian Giovinco scorer of the second goal and again Marchisio third goal. With them has also played Paolino De Ceglie.

We could say everything about them, but not that they have no black-white DNA. From youth to the first team, a long journey, made of matches, training, hope, joy, pain, victories, defeats, but a lot of heart. Seeing them cheer is ‘the best joy for those who followed them when they triumphed in Viareggio, when they won the league primavera and the Super Cup of category.

Are now in the first team and are completing their course. Marchisio is ‘now a true leader: scores, has character and’ juventinita driving . Some of his play on Saturday night have entranced. Then there is Giovinco that the numbers he has always had but that he must find continuity. He may be able soon, in the meantime we see in his eyes a few light from fighter and those warnings are synonymous with the will to fight. Finally, De Ceglie. He has yet to consecrate, with Bologna was disappointed , on Saturday after the first booking has’ taken. He has extraordinary athletic ability, could match them with the ability to cross and defensive attention would be perfect. Has yet to mature, but nothing is ‘impossible.

Good blood does not lie, we expect soon other young people to grow, such as the three of them, the fruits of a previous administration that could plant well. Even today, it is spreading and Pogba is already a young certainty fished with skill. Good blood does not lie, Juventus DNA in power.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan