The battle of Cesena has definitely taught us something: up to the end there will be no gifts. Straight Antennas, so then even playing at home (because at Cesena it was played at home) the matches that are more difficult. 

In Novara the environment will be even hotter with Piola ready to trip up. Next there is the next to say, a tough opponent who will beaten with the same weapons shown in Cesena in the second half, namely strength, awareness and a minimum of unscrupulousness because in the final Conte has played with Del Piero, Borriello, Vucinic, Giaccherini and Vidal advanced, practically a 3-1-6. 

It will count the module, but especially the heart that has led Juventus at the top. Against Novara, however it would be nice to also show the upper class, to make Platini aware of the new course and that even in one day could also deliver that Coppa that he won … 

adapted by: Mike Prise