TURIN – Two goals each to Carlos Tevez, Fernando Llorente and Alvaro Morata: festivals in abundance on Sunday, with Juve that made a late harvest trimming with seven goals against Parma, a bit all Bianconeri attackers have risen satisfactions. Exceptions are represented by Kingsley Coman, who still had his half-hour available –  with the splendid assist for the former Real Madrid – and especially Sebastian Giovinco. The number 12 has seen Coman entering, and Morata, and ten minutes from the end, Massimiliano Allegri has given his debut to Federico Mattiello forcing Giovinco to participate in the simple clapping for his teammates .

Juve NO, ITALY YES– Who follows closely the playmaker says he has no desire to fuel tensions, that he is silent and good and he will enjoy the call on the National Team. All legitimate, as Allegri makes his choices and Giovinco is a professional available to Juventus, but behind the silence of the player should be read in a great rage. Employed little more than Coman, and much less than other department colleagues, the blue (yes, quite a paradox, in Juve and not just this year is not widely used, but in the National team is called, and when thrown on the field is playing well well) would have expected a very different consideration in the year in which he plays all for all in black and white.

adapted in english an article from tuttosport.com