I just want to play against this colors again and again!

Juventus is starting to finally discover the great qualities of Gabriel Pires Appelt. The eighteen year old Brazilian midfielder, bought last summer from Resende, in hiss first six months in Turin could only train with Juventus Primavera, pending adulthood and transfer. From January Mr. Baroni handed him the keys of the midfield and now the young Gabriel is showing geometries, also a good personality and propensity to attack, as evidenced by the goal scored in Grosseto before the Viareggio Cup. Interviewed by “Hurrà Juventus”, Juventus monthly magazine, the promising midfielder has spoken of his first months in the shadow of the Mole: “I finally got to play. It is not easy to train all week knowing that you have to stand and watch – debuted Gabriel Appelt -. However now the wait it’s finally over and I am happy to give my contribution. “

The Brazilian then talked about his close encounters with the champions of the First Team: “Sometimes I had the opportunity to train with them. They are all strong, there is definitely another quality, a different rhythm. It’s so different from football that is played in the youth sector. Who do I look with more interest? Above all Pirlo, because he plays in my role. Him and Kaka are two star players from whom I try to inspire. “

Gabriel is aiming high: “It would be my dream to be able to debut already in the first team this season. But for now my goal is to continue to work hard to improve. With Primavera I feel good, there is a excellent group. I get along with all my mates, in particular with Libertazzi that is among us who has more experience. The team is very good and we aim to win as much as possible. ” 

Contrary to many Brazilians, he is not suffering from saudade, thanks to the proximity of the family: “I have not come alone. My mom, my dad and my brother Guilherme moved with me and helped me much, they support me and give me the force. Guilherme has trained with me in recent months and his presence on the field was very important. Italy I really like although so far I have not yet had occasion to visit other cities. Turin is a city very quiet, of course the weather is a bit colder than Rio but life is good. With the Italian it is going well enough, I’m studying and my teammates helped me to learn it. ” 


source:Tuttomercatoweb adapted by: Mike Prise