In his overlooking, sober and modern office in Corso Galileo Ferraris in Turin, Andrea Agnelli has loosened the blue tie, smiling to  CEO, Aldo Mazza and pulls out a long sigh at the end of a field day.

Do you remind many days  so important?
 “No, in the recent history of Juve, I do not remember so beautiful days.” 

Juventus yesterday launched a capital increase of 120 million euros and industrial plan industrial for the next 5 years with the ambition to return soon to the top of world football.President Agnelli what’s behind this important effort in the Juve world ?
We are at a real turning point. It is the answer to those who thought that our family would disengage. It was a critical day, which is extremely important for the life of our society. We have adequate funds to complete a job that I started twelve months ago. I’ve always talked about being a first phase of quantity and a second of quality. Here, we entered the second phase. “

The one that should bring Juve on top of the football that counts?

Exactly. Now we have the economic means to get back to winning, now we have the right leadership at all levels, thanks to Mazzia and Marotta. “

What  transfer market will be?

Of quality, as I said. We seek people who can win, which have the right experience, to complement the work begun last year. It seems to me that something has been done although it is only the opening bars of the transfer market. “

You refer to Pirlo?
To him. Operation underestimated by the media . The truth is that a great has arrived at Juve. And more will come. “


No names, certainly of the highest quality people, true champions but do not need to rush. Last year, the best transfer (Krasic, ed) arrived in late August. “

But they say that Juve has lost its appeal. An additional obstacle in the hunt for top players?

We have not lost anything. Generate interest at all levels, including commercial. We will have no problems with any type of player, make no mistake. Today, only Barcelona can boast jus de seigneur for the rest of the appeal we are not afraid of anyone. Here there is no scaling, or at the level of investment or the level of wages. “

It will also help the stadium property.
“Definitely. We aim to have revenues of 30 million a year in this respect. In general, the plan is five years and the third year Juve will walk with his legs, will have the ability to finance itself. “

It will, be from beginning,Juventus for Scudetto?
“Our goal must be to end the season amid the applause of the black and white people .Then it is natural that Juve should always want the maximum and in this sense there going to get some back. Scudetto and Champions League are the natural habitat of Juventus. Anyway, the entry in the Europe that counts will be essential . “

Everything to throw of last season? What rating would you give?

“It is not all to burn, but the results for a football club are almost everything. So, the vote can not be negative. “

What is there to save?

It must be said that last year we started late with the transfer market and moreover the technical and sports heritage  were not the best, were actually quite difficult. For example, when Juventus won the 96 the Champions League  between starters of the final from eleven players of the previous management there were seven (among them, Peruzzi,Torricelli, Vialli, Ravanelli,  Del Piero),but we found a sporting heritage to be almost completely re-found. Today, however, despite many grafts, the old wages constitute 62% of wages and 75% of injuries affecting 
players  of the past   management,  including serious stop of on one side  Quagliarella and Buffon on the other. “

The greatest anger from last season?

In Parma, an afternoon in which the team seemed to be on vacation, but we could still reach Europe. There, I really turn. Here, never again I will tolerate a lack of determination and concentration in a match of Juve. “

Conte was a choice suggested” even from the square?The boos of the fans also reflected my disappointment. I am fan too, remember. But Conte arrives only to his value. We have talked, we were impressed with his project. He’s good, deserves a great team, better then it is Juve 

Turns out to be a fundamentalist in terms of tactics. It may be a limit?
I found a mature, determined, ready to transmit the values ​​of Juve. He has a great desire to win, will do very well. “

Buffon and Del Piero stayed. What do you expect from the old guard?

I expect to regain the Juventinita. And, will be forwarded to those arriving in Turin. If you get one of 23-24 years, it’s up to Gigi and Ale set a good example, explaining why you do not  go to the right or left, or vice versa. I want them focused throughout the year. “

Delneri has paid for all?

“Football is a team game, so the difficult season just ended did not see anyone out of the fray. It is impossible to find a single culprit. That said, I think the ds Giuseppe and also Delneri go to be recognized the great and serious work. A dust has settled, we have felt necessary to change the technical guide, while holding what for us is a sound principle: who starts the season also ends it. “

Is there any truth in the alleged dualism between Marotta and Nedved?

“They have different responsibilities. One is a managing director with responsibility for area-wide sport, the other is a board member, who can also give a technical opinion within our four walls. The important thing is that the group, at decisions taken, are more compact. And this happens regularly. “

What are the five “stars” in the heart of Andrea Agnelli?

Just five I purchased the new stadium. For me, Montero, Nedved for my wife, my mother wanted Capello to my daughter and my sister went respectively Del Piero and Pessotto . “

About Capello, and if he went to Inter?

It did not happen.”

Yeah, but if we had gone would have been a disappointment to you?

It did not happen, so ….”

What space will find the young black and white in the new project? 

“They are a fundamental point.”


Important, very important.”

What is the plan?

We want to create a real Academy to join the technical aspect with education. Strengthen the recruitment and then taking into account every aspect. “

Tuesday Juve has intervened for the first time officially in the process of Naples. Someone wrote that the club has forgot Moggi. More the opposite. What is your position on Calciopoli?

“The lawyer Giuseppe Vitiello said things  absolutely clear from the legal point of view also factual. In brief: the charges are unfounded. If anything should arise criminal conduct would be attributed to Moggi personally. And still we believe that these facts do not exist. “

And the appeal to the sports justice do you expect? You ask that there are two championships returned, including one assigned to Inter?

“From the first application we expect answers. And that justice is truly equal for everyone. The return of the championships is different and depends on the outcome of the criminal trial at the end of the three sets of proceedings. Only then can request them. Butthe outcome of the appeal, which we await with patience by 14 months, is critical: you can not understand the process of Naples, if you do not remember how it started the process and what became the sport trial. “

So what it was in your opinion?

“It was a show trial, in a short time, educated in a climate of media hype that influenced its outcome. It was revealing to trigger the Official interceptions. The federal prosecutors opened the case on the basis of what they had learned from the newspapers. “

Indeed, the Gazzetta revealed that the intercepts provided by the federal judiciary were layin in a drawer for months. Besides the Gazzetta, La Repubblica, Corriere della Sera, the Stampa and almost all the other papers published Calciopoli really  was triggered by the media or by the misconduct of Moggi and the other defendants?

Revealing the secret wire tapping is a crime to be covered. One can decide whether to publish or not. But that decision is taken objectively from the process. And the climate that accompanied it until the sentence. “

In short, you believe that Juventus was not convicted of the findings of those interceptions, but was the victim of a media massacre. . .

The evidence I find today on Sette. Quote the president Giancarlo Abete Before the games were fixed themselves up to meet the sporting results, now we have criminals who use sport to get to easy money.” I have no words or comments. “

You and John Elkann, stated that the new Juve must look to the future. But what is the weight of the past on your presidency?

“The past weighs of course. Juve went once to Serie B due to Calciopoli. This will always remain. But the plan that we presented today is proof that we look ahead . “

Credits: GASport, Fracassi Enrico
Adapted by Mike Prise