I have it! I think I have it! Just need a little bit of confidence!
Over the weekend which sees Milan shine in Palermo, Juventus draws with yet another small and ends to a 3 points distance from Milan. 

Rating Zero: the whistles that have been heard. If there is in this Juventus a player booed after these results, I would say that we have not understood anything. 

Rating One: one as the goals conceded yesterday, avoidable goal but the result of widespread fatigue. The two matches a week will not help. 

Rating Two : to bad luck. Injuries at the crucial moment of the season and in the same department. Very, very bad. 

Rating Three: three as the points behind Milan. Unbridgeable, but only with a great game in Bologna. AC Milan right now there is much on the ball unlike the Bianconeri. 

Rating Four: to the players on the ground of Chievo. Here’s how to get enraged a stadium at the end of the game. But when you learn a minimum of fair play? 

Rating Five: to Vucinic? Give him an alarm clock. Have him ring the bell. We are not there, has the skills, but the mistakes are embarrassing. 

Rating Six: to Marchisio. Some small improvement, but far from the performance of start of the season, missing his goals and his play, forza Claudio. 

Rating Seven: to Pirlo . In the second half picks up the team and although tired, can be among the best. Congratulations. 

Rating Eight: to Chiellini. Not so much for performance, but as for his courage. Is on the field half broken and able to resist, real players and real men can see from the little things 

Rating Nine: to Giaccherini. One of the best. He’s always on the man, just missing the final touch, but yesterday, was decisive, continuous and inexhaustible. 

Rating Ten: to De Ceglie. Plunger. Scooter and sniper for the goal. We would like to continue so, Juventus would have found a great left-back, capable of running, progression and responsiveness. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise