A Family picture with My Best Friend!
And Milan-Juventus arrived and with it a sea of controversy. If Luciano Moggi still was in charge, someone would have pulled out the ghosts, we bring out the inability of someone and from now one we will be in fist lines to defend Juventus from the media who have obviously only seen the error pro Juve concealing the one pro Milan, less obvious but the same decisive. 

Rating Zero: to the referees. Full Zero to Romagnoli who cancels a good goal for each. 

Rating One: to Mexes. Congratulations for the punch at game stop to Borriello, evidently he had good teachers. 

Rating Two : to the final score 2-2. Rating two to the one who believes that on the two zero the game would have ended. Who knows, maybe would have gave the good-goal of Matri … and would have ended 2-2 

Rating Three: to Juventus’s first half. The worst Juve of the season, convoluted, slow, very bad. Rating three even to the curtain in the tunnel between the first and second half and to those who insult Conte

Rating Four: to Bonucci. The error on the first goal is double, unforgivable, unacceptable. It’s not the first time he makes these mistakes. Or matures or else he will not be ever for Juve. Often we have criticized him, often defended, it takes a leap of quality and a greater concentration and humility.  

Rating Five : to Borriello. He plays badly his opportunity. Five also to Muntari and Van Bommel who beaten up from start to finish. 

Rating Six: to Marchisio for encouragement. Frankly, the condition seems to have vanished. We hope he return, Claudio yesterday was a ghost, six for encouragement. 

Rating Seven: to Pepe. Gets in and is decisive. Excellent approach to the match. 

Rating Eight: to the first time of Milan. We knew that and we expected just like that, good Allegri but maybe too much fouls were committed. Rating eight also to Chiellini.The Eternal Fighter. 

Rating Nine: to Matri. Gets in and scores two goals: Chapeau, the second goal is just like Inzaghi’s, predestined. 

Rating Ten: to Juventus heart. After that first half, we had almost take three, after that goal disallowed and after the referee gave everything against us, we were almost let go. But no, determination, courage, determination and dare … The heart is there!

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike PRise