We had to arrange yesterday and with us all those who have had to be at the Friuli anticipating the release of offices and other places. We enjoyed, however, a intense and tough game, maybe not too spectacular but enough to be ready also today with our report cards . 

 Rating Zero : To the great strategs who have decided to put the most important game of the round at six o’clock. Given the importance offered by other games, maybe they should put all the other at 18.00 and at 20.45 the game of Friuli 

 Rating One: to the continuing questions about Borriello, really hope that is ajournalistic invention, because of a thirty year old of four million euros per season, Juventus currently does not need 

 Rating Two: to the goals received by Udinese at the Friuli. A tough team that even with Juventus defended well and risked only shots from outside the box, leaving few opportunities to Juventus, congratulations to Guidolin. 

 Rating Three: to the three draws with good teams : Naples, Rome and Udinese are worth more than three points gained. 

 Rating Four: to those who think that the point from yesterday is a missed opportunity. This team should be made ​​only compliments. The team showed personality also yesterday, the capital T(from team) is near. 

Rating Five: to Matri, one of the few shortcomings of yesterday we give it to him . There is none like Alessandro, but yesterday was a little rushed, a little nervous, we expect from him a little more in January. 

Rating Six: to Pepe and Estigarribia. Sufficient performance, for once Simone is not for very high marks, but we can grant to Simone. Until now, his season was of ten. Estigarribia yesterday satisfactory, but we expect something better. 

 Rating Seven: to Marchisio. The Juventus phenomenon also yesterday was one of the most dangerous. The shots at edge of the posts and his entries have been rare and deadly danger 

 Rating Eight: to Juventus defense, perfect yesterday. All very good: Lichtsteiner, Barzagli, Bonucci and Chiellini. But the eight also to Udinese, a club not only good but also admirable in all aspects. 

 Rating Nine : to Conte, even yesterday a small masterpiece, totally blocking Udinese at home and a team that had an average of two goals per game. Surely a gained point. 

 Rating Ten: to the single block that until now got us to feel feared, respected and admired. In these months we are finding ourselves and the credit is first and foremost of Conte but also to managers and of course to the players that have so far always given everything. Thanks to all, obviously to the President. Thanks to you we will have a Merry Christmas … 

 by: Massimo Pavan adapted by: Mike Prise