Oh my God! How hard it is!

Juventus struggled yesterday but did not win. Could have done more, it would have been important to win, but victory was dashed against the Siena wall. 

RATING ZERO : once again to the inconsistency of some. The little personality of those who had full pages for the foul hands of Juventus against Cagliari (would have been the goal of drwaw if any penalty), while for any one of yesterday no one has raised his voice. We would like personality and consistency. 

RATING ONE: to yesterdays arbitration assessments . Peruzzo has not conceded a penalty, not complaining, but we list it. One penalty for the first in the standings, for now it seems little. 

RATING TWO: to the consecutive draws at home with average teams. Losing points like this it will be difficult to reach the first place. 

RATING THREE: to the rounds Ibrahimovic should take. Relapsed and guilty of a bad gesture. The three seems to us to be the perfect number. 

RATING FOUR: as the potential points of advantage by winning at Parma, for now are virtual points, to we need to start winning with small. 

RATING FIVE: to Vucinic. To much smoky, out of form even if after the return from injury. He must grow, must affect, he must turn on the lamp. 

RATING SIX: to Matri and Marchisio. Imprecise the first, little incisive the second. Matri takes a turn off, while Marchisio has to regain early-season form. 

RATING SEVEN: to Pirlo. All the balls pass by him. He ‘s the only one who can turn on the light lamp. Even yesterday he struggled and went close to scoring.  

RATING EIGHT : to Barzagli. Always the wall, perfect yesterday also. 

RATING NINE: to Siena, precise, strong, who raced for the whole game and did not steal anything. VEry good Sannino, a really great coach. The only drawback the behavior of Pegolo, who has lost too much time making the fans nervous. 

RATING TEN: to the continuity of the right wing and the novelty of the left. Lichtsteiner impressive, De Ceglie affects and behaves as a true left-back. Astonishing growth of Paolo De Ceglie even if the fullback has to grow up in resourcefulness. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise