“The best is yet to come”
Pretty hard and never nice spying through the keyhole, but given that Juventus did not play, from zero to ten comes in league version , focusing on the events of the weekend matches and looking inside other houses. 
RATING ZERO: to whom created the big league stew. A game on Thursday, two on Saturday, three Sunday, two on Monday and two who knows. Congratulations …. 
RATING ONE: to the goals of Udinese, as the missed ones. Udinese deserves a ten for the game played, but one for the wrong attitude that brought to draw and victory of red and black, you do not believe us? Ask Guidolin. 
RATING TWO: to the defense of Genoa. Lions, or if you prefer Griffins in house and sheeps away, unfortunately they will face Juventus at the Marassi .. 
RATING THREE: to the goals of Lazio on Thursday. The Biancocelesti are there and are alive. Third force in the tournament? surely so if continue. 
RATING FOUR: to Valentino Rossi’s tweet, understood not as a quality (of ten) but as a number. Four jabs, and we believe he is aware that when you took Pistone and gave way Roberto Carlos something was wrong, just like today that Eto’o leaves , arrives Forlan, other that Moggi. 
RATING FIVE: for Palermo in away games, speaks for itself. 
RATING SIX: to Iaquinta. Arrives and scores, for now is for a six, but if in the next week would bring victory to Cesena, then it would be ten. 
RATING SEVEN: to Catania. Bravo Montella. Watch out next Saturday, will not be at all a walk in the park. 
RATING EIGHT: to Rossoneri’s Pharaoh. Not so much for performance, but because if you at age 19 get a ball and decisive volleys without thinking twice, then you’ve got some talent. Now we’ll see if Pato will send him to the attic or not. 
RATING NINE: to Novara, that business, that heart. Compliments to an anti-black and white as Mondonico, today, is a must. 
RATING TEN: Who wears the number 29. A sign of destiny in the week leading to a restoration of the grounds and tell the whole story and more? Maybe …. According to us for M***A is just the beginning as Ligabue says “The best is yet to come” 
source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise