YEahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I’ve did it! I still have it! We love U Ale’! 

We had fun last night, we experienced good feelings and emotions. Thanks to Conte that keeps up the guard as the good old days. Do not throw anything away, and much interested in the Italian Cup. 

Rating Zero : to Lamela. The small player, toy of Rome there is trying but can’t do any in this evening, gets mad and kicks Chiellini. Leave a mark? It is the imagination of the wasted talent of the day, the zero is all yours. 

Rating One: to Jose Angel. The unfortunate Jose Angel. Bad, very bad in the first half, better in the second half but it ‘s too late. Pass all on his parts 

Rating Two: to Heinze. But Rome could not keep Mexes? Nervous performance at the limit of the unsportsmanlike. 

Rating Three : to Giaccherini goals in the season. What a big surprise and what continuity. 

Rating Four : to Luis Enrique. It makes us smile, laughing in the face to the RAI commentator. He gives us the curtain, but his team takes the field too slow. You really had to change Totti at the end? 

Rating Five: to Banti, very insecure, denied three penalties to Juventus. The five pecks even to those who have commented, we say in one-way. 

Rating Six: to Borriello. Wrestler, but wasteful. Head but It takes all with his head, sufficient debut. 

Rating Seven: to Giaccherini and Marrone. We like them, they convince us, are struggling. Well done … 

Rating Eight: to defense. There would be someone + + + and to someone —-, but again zero goals conceded, good to be closed and what closures. Barzagli Sumptuous, Chiellini Gladiator and Lichtsteiner Marathonist, Bonucci Stoic. 

Rating Nine: to Conte. Oh yes, when you see a team fighting anywhere and alwaysit deploys than five changes to the formation type and does not suffer it’s the hand of Harry Potter. Conte, if there was not would have to invent him. Nine for Estigarribia , applaud him for running and commitment, if he plays so Pepe can relax and come back quietly, if he plays like this Marotta would have catch the new jolly. 

Rating Ten: to Del Piero. And to whom else? What emotions last night. Alessandro has given us great plays, great touch and then the brush in the new stadium. The ten is all his and how he says ten +. 

Dear Alessandro how can we live without you …?; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by:Mike Prise