Continues the race of Antonio Conte that sees more and more protagonists players. After Buffon protagonist at Rome, with the Novara key people are, in addition to Buffon, Quagliarella, Pepe and Giaccherini. Even today in our zero and ten we give report cards stretched beyond the game. 

 Rating Zero: to Carraro. He did not play yesterday, but instead of talking about skiing and would also be in the right season, continues to dabble with questionable utterances of league titles and championships. For him a filled zero. 

Rating One: to Guido Rossi, who turns up as the songs of the Christmas period … Hopefully that he gives explanations to Della Valle and does not sing “Silent Night”. 

Rating Two: as goals from yesterday, but we give two to seventeen occasions in total, apparently was a bad day for good luck. In Udine serve more concrete, we will not have seventeen.

Rating Three: adding a three, we come to thirty-three points. It ‘s hard to give low ratings, this Juve deserves only praise. 

Rating Four: to the penalty kicks awarded to AC Milan .. Are already four in a row. Tuesday will get five!? 
Rating Five: to the initial five minutes of Novara. If you want to save yourself have to give much, much more convinced. 
Rating Six: to De Ceglie. Paolo’s playing strong-willed. If he will learn how to better handle the ball at his feet, and then we’ll see a great fullback. Yesterday he took courage and determination . 
Rating Seven: to Giaccherini and Chiellini. Very good, What a race. The offensive errors exist if you’re running so much. We liked them. Giaccherini yesterday gave a lot and lost a little in quality, but that’s OK, Peter Pan is growing. 
Rating Eight: to Buffon and Pepe. It is not something new a high mark for two of them. Pepe has taken a liking to us and yesterday did a great goal like striker. Buffon, however he is accustomed to interventions by the Golden Ball. The parade to Rubino is for Oscar. 
Rating Nine: to Quagliarella. His smile after the goal is the second excitement of the day for the bianconero people. For those who live for emotions, yesterday Fabio got us excited: thanks! 
Rating Ten : for Ale and Ricky. They weren’t in the stands but five years after their death were, as always in our heart. Juventus remembered them before the match and they have supported with a goal apiece from up there. The ten is all yours.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan; adapted by: Mike Prise