Everybody is envying Us for this MasterPiece! Well… no problem we are waitting for all of you.. to give you a warm Defeat!

Juve wins and returns the column that I assigns the ratings for the game with Udine. 

Rating Zero: as the defeats of this Juventus, who continues in her unbeaten run with another provision of perseverance, strength and conviction. Rating Zero to those who said that the Juventus Stadium was not agibile. Meanwhile, stand up to snow … And weather. 

Rating One: to the serious defensive errors, the most serious of Bonucci. As said in the commentary, Claudio Zuliani, Leonardo has everything to become a great defender but needs to improve in some inaccuracies. His intervention was likely to result in a draw and stain a good performance.

Rating Two: to the dangerous balls lost by Vidal. Also Arturo Vidal has done something enough and his wrong pass Udinese has created the draw. 

Rating Three: to the vote to nervousness final, useless. A game without episodes should not be stained as in the finale. Three also apply to these three points, even if the hypothetical value is more. 

Rating Four: to the absences of Udinese midfield. Guidolin and Udinese deserve great praise, even with those absences have played a great game, congrats. 

Rating Five : the vote for Armero is not for the match, by seven, we repeat, but the attitude. Before the final questioned episode, for a free-kick that was, Armerò complained more and often polemic with all, from a player so good we would like another attitude. 

Rating Six: to Juventus midfield, sufficient, strong, but sometimes a little imprecise with many lost balls. Six however even to the absolute value of the points.

Rating Seven: to Quagliarella and Giaccherini. To the first for the very good header that allows the tap in of Matri. For the second the race, commitment, strength and intensity, very good the black and white Peter Pan.

Rating Eight: to Barzagli. What a performance for The bianconero Wall. What a constancy, what interventions. Always better. For us, is the best defender in the league, even better than Thiago Silva, Marotta laughs for those 300 thousand euros. Also eight rating for Udinese and Pozzo family, the team does always a good job.

Rating Nine: to Matri. The breed bomber, misses the goal face to face, but does not let go, scores of plunder alla Inzaghi and then sailed by the pin on the defender and precise shot. Very Well, as with Fiorentina he is decisive. 

Rating Ten: to the Stadium. Under the sun, under the snow people warms their heart and brings Juve at the top. The field is holding, looking hot and we have to laugh when someone pointed out that the stadium was not fit for use, congratulations.

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Mike Prise 
adapted by: Mike Prise