I do not abandon you and also on Tuesday night arrives the column from zero to ten for the occasion will not be tender. The tender heart we leave the stadium San Paolo, stadium that smiles to us after 4 years of disappointments and defeats. It took Antonio Conte and his group of Garibaldi to bring Juventus back, namely to fight from start to finish. 

VOTE ZERO: They deserve it all, those poor ones who were trying to hit the Juventus driver and break a side window. Apparently someone did not understand that the acceptance is important. Zero to them, fortunately are few. 

VOTE ONE: To De Laurentiis. If the declarations of peace are: “we won 4-3” then it is better not to make this peace … the referee expresses his right, maybe the President should take with Hamsik. Cinepanettone in advance. 

VOTE TWO: For the fans who complain of Tagliavento. We do not understand, it’s okay to be familiar with the admonition style Rocchi in prescriti-Naples, but on … … a bit of strictness… and objectivity. 

VOTE THREE: to Juve from the first half. 3 as goals taken throughout the game. We must analyze the situation. 

VOTE FOUR: the number of consecutive wins, the number of consecutive losses at St. Paul and minutes played by Del Piero, we intend to minutes, minutes only. 

VOTE FIVE: our voice. We all feel a little Antonio Conte, his voiceless, voiceless us … after Pepe has chosen to score. In short, for tomorrow, we recommend the excellent throat mints . 

VOTE SIX: to the defense. We wanted to give a lower rating, but then the words of Conte in the press conference made ​​us lean towards the six. The package held, took three goals but two are born from the desire to build and episodes, paradoxically Buffon saved more in Rome. The team wants to set up the game, follow the dictates of Conte. We do not talk about who was wrong. Who made the errors knows and will work to improve them, and not do them on Sunday. He knows that has to start from that one to one won in big style against Pandev. 

VOTE SEVEN: To Chelo. A bet won by Conte. Well done the coach to understand that had to keep him in the field not to change him and he pays with a race, plays and a the decisive goal. He had understood everything. 

VOTE EIGHT: to Matri and Vucinic. Good at talking, good at not giving up and worn out. Vucinic was wrong a lot but once again tried to break the game. Matri scored and in front of goal is a true phenomenon. 

VOTE NINE: to Chiellini and to Pepe. They gave a little more. If Chiellini had the shot of Roberto Carlos would be the Golden Ball. Giorgio takes a lot of heart and race. Pepe on the goal of three to three is on the run for the win, it matters little if the end will be run for a draw. 

VOTE TEN: the indomitable spirit of the second half. Yesterday we quoted the words of Gianluca Vialli. Maybe someone has heard them. You gave us a night to remember, but we’re just at the beginning, you are only the beginning of history, in any case THANK YOU .. yesterday you were so many lions … 

 by: Massimo Pavan; adapted by: Mike Prise