Well… we’ve won another one….without a penalty-kick like a certain team..
Returns the championship and also returns our section from zero to ten, directly from Via del Mare in Lecce. 

Rating Zero: bad luck that continues to hit Fabio Quagliarella, Conte is right, next year in the first game of the year is better he doesn’t to participate. 

Rating One: the penalty-kicks awarded in favor of Juventus. We are not asking that much at least to receive the net penaly-kicks like yesterday to Vucinic. Then if will get one as generous as those given at Milan, there will be a reason. 

Rating Two: the a priori objections to the players, wait and see. Is lawful to dispute, not legitimate to do it for bias and a priori. United we stand … 

Rating Three: on the intervention of Esposito to Quagliarella, too dangerous and broken cheekbone. 

Rating Four: to the sleep of Lecce for Juventus goal, and the fault is not of the ball boys, Cosmi knows, if not Lecce should have already changed them after the match against AC Milan. 

Rating Five: to Juventus midfield. Yesterday unresponsive and often late, a five that does not affect anything, as a stimulus for the midfielders have always been at eight, nine and ten, a shortage can be. Perhaps hot preparation influenced. With Cagliari and at Bergamo it will take something more. 

Rating Six: to Chiellini and Bonucci. Good and accurate yesterday to spend the first major foul, but also in need on Cuadrado. The second, good at times, with one indecision that could be lethal. 

Rating Seven: to Matri, as his goals and his desire to score. Some inaccuracies there was, is true, but the Juventus striker seemed on the rise. 

Rating Eight: to Vucinic. The Montenegrin is back and impacts, how it impacts. Personal action in the first goal, penalty-kick action in the second half, always incisive, always at the center of the game and also good in closing of Cuadrado. 

Rating Nine: to Conte. Gets the seventeenth consecutive seal and carries the black and white people, which was very numerous at the Via del Mare. 

Rating Ten: to Barzagli. A great performance, as usual. Careful, accurate, timely closing but also in raising the action. If the defense does not take goals for three games merit is also his and the monster Gigi

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise