Well I think I proved myself!  Now I just need to be helped by the Club!
On a cold January night, we found ourselves as Winter Champions. So the story might begin, or if you prefer that we want to tell the story today. The story of Juventus who returned after six years as Winter Champions (with Capello was 2006). Today, however the numbers oblige… So let’s find them. 

Rating Zero: to the Atalanta offensive raids. A few occasions but only a few sporadic flashes. 

Rating One: to the parades that Gianluigi Buffon had to make. At the end of game Gigi ran like a baby. In his eyes the knowledge that this Juventus is giving the old emotions. The defense also today helped to the greatest. 

Rating Two: to bad luck, two cross bar and two injuries, we hope to turn it in the challenge on Tuesday. 

Rating Three: to Schelotto. The Argentine showed the worst. To many always liked but must to go back to being what he once was. 

Rating Four: to those who believed that Juventus was tired. The answer has arrived today. Two halfs stratospheric and great, great fight. 

Rating Five: to the slow-motions that do not speak of the best Juve in 2012 and a team that impresses and prefer to dwell on minor arbitration episodes 

Rating Six: to Colantuono. The game sets it well, but his team is perhaps in debt of oxygen and forces. In any case he shows a great gentleman to compliment Juventus and showing great sportsmanship. 

Rating Seven: to Juventus defense. Perfect yesterday. Chiellini and Barzagli block the strong Denis. Defense team was impeccable and best defense in the tournament. Lichsteiner then is music to the ears of fans. 

Rating Eight: to De Ceglie. And we loved him. Attentive and proactive. Juventus might have found the left-back bringing Chiellini to the center and greetings to Caceres and take Guarin. Paolino is growing and is good for the diagonals: player found. 

Rating Nine: to Pirlo. Directs and once again is the star. Mozart plays his score and Juve win, just like with Parma, the score makes him play the favorite song of Stephan Lichtsteiner

Rating Ten: to Conte and his boys. Winter Champions the coach and decisive his boys as MArrone and GIaccherini that are decisive in the 2-0. That action, from first,in vertical with a final shot on flight of “Peter Pan” Giaccherini. Conte nailed the moves against bad luck and against the Owls. Now comes the difficult but Conte knows what to do. 

source:tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise