First friendly of the season and first appointment with a black and white “classic”, from zero to ten. Ten numbers that are not a report card, but they represent something more, criticism, comments and reflections. 
Rating Zero: to whom laughs and says that Lucio is a lemon. Do not judge a player by so few things, of course, the error is a red pencil, but it does happen, must happen in a friendly, not in official games. 
Rating One: like the errors and the goal taken, the only blemish of the day still positive, has reason Conte, has wanted to beat the record of last season.
Rating Two: the pathetic fans of match-fixing, which cheer the guilt of the innocent. Two Juventus hearing s which we dislike, we want justice, innocence is ‘”a must”. 
Rating Three: like the penalties, we saw more penalties yesterday that throughout the first round of last season, is ‘the wind changed? We joke … 
Rating Four: as the players who are denying Allegri: Pirlo, Gattuso, Nesta and Seedorf. Who’s next? 
Rating Five: as goal difference compared to the first game of last season (12-1 against Representative Val di Susa), but then there was a rose complete, we are now satisfied. 

Rating Six: as the performance, bold, intense but obviously undecipherable. The beginning of a journey that will not be at all easy. 

Rating Seven: to the first beautiful things. The play of Quagliarella, good vein of Matri, the intensity of Vidal, the proper placement of Asamoah. Rating Eight: to young people. Padovan, Boakye, interesting the latter, all hope will be the real blow. To some recalls Balotelli, to us a little Obafemi Martins. 

Rating Nine: commitment and character. Two goals in recovery are important symptom, if you score two goals in recovery of a friendly means you’re there, very important signal. 

Rating Ten: to Conte. always Him, always maniacal, always great as his words after the game: “I expected to do a workout and it was one. It ‘s been a good gallop, a good test against boys who have committed, so I was very pleased. There is definitely a lot of work, we know, because in this stage we are still preparing with a staff full of young hopefuls, and even newcomers should get in the idea, in concept. These workouts and these games are just for making mistakes and then work on it. ” 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan

Fino alla Fine Forza JUVENTUS