This week we do not stop by our “zero to ten” to give grades only on the Siena-Juventus game, but we go beyond that what happens off the field because affects what happens inside in the field. 

Rating zero: to all journalists who do not want to hear about Farsopoli, and that is better to put a lid on it and for those who say that there are no new calls 

Rating one: to those who do not know that there are color printers and computer screens 

Rating two: the intervention of Gazzi to Chiellini and the next skirmish. In a correct game certain things should not exist . 

Rating three: the Italian teacher of Krasic. Conte in fact has called Krasic to insert him into the field, and shouted: “Once you’ve get the ball run, as soon as you get the first ball, run across the man .” He repeated 3-4 times. Krasic, as soon as received the information , he turned putting down his chest and made a funny and dazed facial expression . 

Rating four: the lightness of some defense touch . Some errors in the hallway may become decisive in the end. The defense deserves a high mark but some amnesia remain. 

Rating five: second five, for Giaccherini, still too shy. The player even with Siena managed to affect and prancing around, it’s up to him to prove that he deserves Juve. 

Rating six : to Siena, great heart and desire, little dangerous forward, but Sannino and good 

Rating seven : to Pirlo, good practice and as always light and phosphorus 

Rating eight: to the Juventus heart, great and hopefully we can get that will to suffer, typical of the Juventus winners . 

Rating nine : to Conte project who continues to pick up bandwagon the players, this time Fabio Grosso, from marginalized to protagonist. Bravo! 

Rating ten: at Siena, the fans and the city. Siena from which many should learn, respect for opponents and for the great ex: chapeau