The championship is Back and today we give our assessment of performance of 22 and even more they gave tonight emotion and show . 

Rating Zero : to poor Di Benedetto, who lost a big game. Perhaps he had better stay in Italy. 

Rating One : to Osvaldo. After the fight with Lamela, we saw a new scene at the time of replacement 

Rating Two : the initial black and white approach, soft in the lineout and too soft after the draw. With more attention we could have won. 

Rating Three : the defense of Rome, gave too many opportunities, especially in the Juventus counterattack

Rating Four : to Totti and Vidal. The first plays with the heart but the missed penalty is unforgivable. Same voting Vidal … Catastrophic initial mistake and decomposed intervention to Lamela . Too bad, bring up the yellow also, no Novara for him . 

Rating Five: to Matri. A little convoluted, not decisive today, perhaps he suffered from loneliness 

Rating Six: to Marchisio . Normal game for the Prince, were used differently, today we have seen a slow pace, can be granted. 

Rating Seven: to Lamela and Chiellini. Well done both. Some minor inaccuracies but decisive. We like the commitment and will. 

Rating Eight: to Barzagli. Bravissimo also in Rome. A real wall able to close at least five decisive diagonals. 

Rating Nine : to De Rossi, a true phenomenon for character, desire and ability to give everything in a role not his. Well done, has impressed. 

Rating Ten : to Buffon. Back to block a penalty kick in the league, not parried from Muzzi in 2002. He had also saved at Figo in that magical night with Real Madrid. Had already returned, ate Olimpico impressed for assertiveness, as well for enthusiasm. 

adapted by: Mike Prise