We sincerely had hope to live a different evening, with more positive emotions. The party has been ruined. Even now we are ready with our report cards, from zero to ten. 

Rating Zero: who did the survey for the famous steel which is not in accordance, with prior investigations in the newspapers and then all the rest, zero. 

Rating One: to whom wanted to create controversy Del Piero-Agnelli, but tapir. 

Rating Two : the goals received, two serious oversights. 

Rating Three: the three victories that unfortunately remain. It is absolutely necessary to return to three points the box per game.  

Rating Four: the draws and defense after goals taken, we can not accept certain lightness, because then someone comes to mind last season and we did not want to think about. 

Rating Five: to Vucinic, too discontinuous. Five Chiellini also, because on the first goal loses the only player to follow. 

Rating Six: to Pirlo, low rating considering his class, rating normal for a special player. 

Rating Seven : to Merkel, one of the best in Genoa, Milan has into the hands a good player, really good and intense. 

Rating Eight : the genoani race, intense and constant. Bravo the Genoa not to give up and fight in the finale, with Juventus. 

Rating Nine : to Matri because when he scores reminds us of Inzaghi for opportunism and skills’ 

Rating Ten : the Juventus patience that understood by the fans, we have to be patient with the team that with the press that has prepared the ground for controversy, ears pricked. 

by: Massimo Pavan adapted by:Mike Prise