After more than twenty days is back an official game of the season and after 20 days is back our section from zero to ten, and this week we announced that we had trouble with low grades because the Juventus players deserved all good votes for yesterday and someone the highest rating. 

Rating Zero : today deserve the zero the falsifiers of the political table. A lot of talk about this topic without knowing what it means, zero to them hoping that someone really wants to clear the scandal of 2006.

Rating One : the away points of Palermo In good home team, away is snow in the sun, if always would play at the Barbera would be for scudetto 

Rating Two : to Zamparini for certain outputs, especially on transfers to PSG. If all play like yesterday, very little will gain. 

Rating Three : to the three cannoli which Conte has wrapped for Sicily. It was time, seeing that Juventus losing for to much time in Turin with the Sicilians

Rating Four : to Miccoli. Booed from beginning to end, the bomber was not seen, even from a free kick. Four were the goal scored to Juventus, four the report card today 

Rating Five: to Ilicic. He finds himself free but missed all alone in front of Buffon. If you want to be for Juve will still have to improve a lot. 

Rating Six : to Mangia. He takes three goals but good the first time and the Palermo has played. If the game was fun the merit is also his because did not create barricades. 

Rating Seven: to Vucinic. At halftime we wanted to eat him, along with those mistakes in front of goal. In the second half we wanted to embrace him. Gives class and skill. Now he will have to score at the Olimpico, he knows how. 

Rating Eight: to Lichtsteiner and Pepe. Some call them soldiers, I call them key players. They are growing and we remember that in the past Juventus won with two stars as Di Livio and Torricelli …. 

Rating Nine: to Quagliarella and to Conte . The first to be returned to the field, the second to sent him to the ground. Mechanisms to be oiled, plays to be reviewed but now a little break-in in Rome before swell the goal to San Paolo 

Rating Ten: to Buffon. Gigi deserves it. In the center of the stage in the match against Palermo. Gigi makes three major interventions, Gigi is back but has never went away. 

 by: Massimo Pavanadapted by: Mike Prise