The game of Verona has sent mixed feelings. We’ve could take home the three points. 

Rating Zero: who writes sentences on Twitter without thinking about the consequences … You should pay more attention 

Rating One: to Sorrentino, we’ve never seen a goalie to lose so much time from first to ninetieth, irritating 

Rating Two: points lost yesterday, lost two points in the race for first place, unfortunately Juventus Away should get going again to 100% 

Rating Three: to Juventus draws in the league , three draws that could’ve been three wins 

Rating Four: to Krasic, the Serb just can not get going. The involution is beginning to be worrisome. 

Rating Five: to the words of Di Carlo after the game. Chievo played to take away a point, nothing more. The pressure of Thereau is at limit and if we look at the foul on Mandelli, perhaps there is someone on the other side 

Rating Six: to Pirlo, the genius in Verona does not take affect and the delicate challenge is tied zero to zero 

Rating Seven: to De Marco, good and punctual this time, although on certain decisions he seemed too fussy 

Rating Eight: to the defense. Does not suffer from almost nothing, Buffon does not take a shot on goal 

Rating Nine: to the will to feel again like Juventus, for now, is still a vote of confidence. 6 games, 12 points, have to take 3 to Genoa next Saturday 

Rating Ten: to the 10.000 and over who have followed the team in Verona, what a show! 

by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise