We need more luck, and a coach once said: ” In football you can train everything, but you can’t train luck”. We have to get back our lost Luck
In midweek round of recovery, Juventus reached the draw number thirteen of the season. A draw result of game and the heart, yet another draw which could be a win. Even today we take the votes from zero to ten. 

RATING ZERO : to whom wrote the banner on Gianluca Pessotto. Not shown by us but we are frankly appalled that there are people at this level. Close the curve? Fines? Frankly we do not care, but until there are some people, the Italian football will never improve. Who knows Pessotto appreciate the greatness, who writes these things does not deserve to go to the stadium, but to the zoo … 

RATING ONE: the one defensive error yesterday. The team has held up but those counters were deleterious, attention: Genoa will play the same way with Palacio. 

RATING TWO: two as the points lost yesterday. Thirteen draws, too many for anyone who wants to bet the scudetto, good to point to the second place. Two as the points of distance from Milan, we believe but we must change course. 

RATING THREE: to referee Banti. Something is missing at Juventus, we do not say anything not to poison the atmosphere but we are not, not at all. 

RATING FOUR:to Borriello. The patient voice is slowly ending. Vucinic is out of the bottle, when Borriello? Serve the goals not only race and presence. 

RATING FIVE: to Lichtsteiner. If Lichtsteiner makes mistakes on the day of the novel pair of centrals we’re in bad move. The Swiss is proposing a return not to the level of that first half of the season, we hope soon returns to his levels. 

RATING SIX: to Marchisio and Vidal. Slow signs of improvement, but still lacks the support in front of goal. At the beginning of the season they would not have wasted the opportunities that have passed on their feet. 

RATING SEVEN: to Pirlo. Invents the assist of draw, if he wouldn’t exist we would invent him like an alchemist trying the formula for happiness’. 

RATING EIGHT: to Vucinic’s goal. The Montenegrin come out of the bottle at times, the goals is important, and the hope is that he can come back and be decisive with continuity 

RATING NINE: to Caceres. Gets in to the center and looks good. A nine of encouragement, as he will be the only central available in view of the match against Genoa, less than miracles. 

RATING TEN: to the heart and character. We cling to these characteristics and to the game. The exchanges are, lacks the concreteness and cynicism. 

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan
adapted by: Mike Prise