Midweek round. Even today, we go on with our zero to ten analysis.

Rating Zero: to Moratti, the fourth coach in a year does not do it on. Run away run away …. 

Rating Zero: also to Juve fan who wanted to touch so to speak the Bologna players . This thing we do not want to see any more, then others would be to risk and Juventus fans the same. 

Rating One: to Gimenez the farce at the end game to lose time is sad. Fortunately, he hasn’t come to Turin. 

Rating Two: the lost points tonight. Two points that go away and it is hoped that we should not regret them.

Rating Three: Gava. He is not for Serie A a league official who changes his mind, for good or evil and we close here. 

Rating Four: to Vucinic, but Mirko what are you combining? Shoot to score and then you do that, you’re crazy!? 

Rating Five: to Krasic, that is what is written in the past for Giaccherini, the feeling that needs to learn to affect more or his going to play a bit 

Rating Six: the defense, well to cover and on time, a minus to the marking on the goal of Portanova. Do not claim we have to pass, it will take more attention in future 

Rating seven: to Bisoli for how has fielded the team . But now you have to stop also Inter 

Rating Eight : to Conte. Hear the one left without a voice tells us what he put on the field, a great, just great. 

Rating Nine: To Pirlo, above average, sumptuous: please clone him. 

Rating Ten: to the heart. Could be ten, nine or eight, but the heart is at ten. When you go out with the applause after a draw a few stories, you are a ten. 

by:Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise