We return to the weekday edition of the column from zero to ten, where we focus on Juventus-Fiorentina with an eye to what has happened in Naples 

Rating Zero: let me say once again, the zero goes to who managed Farsopoli the words of Bergamo from yesterday are very serious because hours Moratti must answer under oath. 

Rating One: the goal taken. Jovetic makes a spell, but the marking should be more closely 

Rating Two : the consecutive draws. Fortunately does not reach the third. The team stops the X series  

Rating three: the three points that will be useful to show where we want to get. 

Rating Four : to Fiorentina from the first time which had to finish at least 3-0 

Rating Five: to Cerci we want to keep this Krasic and save 12 million 

Rating Six: to Vucinic. Good but does not affect. Because he has to score because Matri can not do it all himself. 

Rating Seven: to Pepe, what heart what racing. We hope will remain fuel for Saturday. 

Rating eight: to Conte. At the end reminded us of a certain Giovanni from Cusano, a cycle would be so beautiful. The defense is good … says El Giuan, says Capello. 

Rating Nine: to Matri. Today scores and fights, a LION, now we’d like a 1-0 like last year, Matri do you recall? 

Rating Ten : to Bonucci, because sometimes there is time to criticize but Leo has not shot down and on Saturday serve eleven lions … And one called Leo(LION)-nardo, can be so.