No Team is defeated before the beginning of the Game! None what so ever! First you have to win your Match and only after to make calculations
Tough match yesterday that didn’t see Juventus win, but a draw that puts everyone on earth, namely the need to always fight from beginning to end without ever lowering the rate. 

Rating Zero : To the shot of Krasic at the end of the game. Frankly, the rust of Serbian is there and you and all saw it. The agent, instead of asking more space on the right and left would better motivate the player better, we have not seen him eat the grass. The player can recover? mystery … 

Rating One: the shot of Cagliari at the goal. It must be said, Cagliari did not steal anything, but made one and only one shot, but pressing very well and running as seen a few times in Turin. 

Rating Two: to the points lost yesterday. Two important points that make the best pair or trio with those lost with Bologna and Genoa. 

Rating Three: as replacements made by Conte, not a vote to changes or coach, we point out, but only a numerical finding, of three changes all three made in attack that unfortunately did not change the inertia of the game. 

Rating Four: to the consecutive errors that are on the occasion of the goal of Cagliari. A wrong counter, a wrong pass and bad long ball that comes right on the right foot of Cossu. 

Rating Five: to Ibarbo and Pepe. We didn’t liked the Colombian, Pepe after the performance of Lecce did not convinced us. A five ofcourse that is only a small number in the great season is doing Simone Pepe. 

Rating Six: to the Juventus midfield. Pirlo, Marchisio, and Vidal had no effect, apart from the combination of the goal, may need oxygen and rest. 

Rating Seven: to Paolo De Ceglie. Despite some trimming, he seemed one of the best, good to close Ibarbo and good in the race. Seven also for Lichtsteiner, talented and influential in the first half although less precise in the second half. 

Rating Eight: to Astori. Cagliari defender showed great confidence and has played a game of great level. With him, is another Cagliari and it shows. A little thought maybe we would make. 

Rating Nine: the season of Juventus, which still continues at levels high, with the defense, much criticized by some yesterday, and it ‘s still the best defense in the league. 

Rating Ten: the action of the goal, beautiful, the best action of the season. If Juventus could make it a trademark, this team could aim for big goals, not only national. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by:Mike Prise