At the end of the eighties raged in radio the song “Who’s that girl” by Madonna, they made also a film in 1987, not a memorable movie. Who is this, we can adapt it, “Whos’ that man”, who is he, they wonder now in England but not only, reading that Conte is disqualified and will not sit on the bench at Stamford Bridge tomorrow.

Of course, who is he, is not addressed to Conte or Massimo Carrera, but Filippo Carobbio, for “friends” Pippo, who has brought with his allegations to the disqualification of the author of unbeaten forty-one match run of the Old Lady. In England, but not only, are strucked.

A few years ago, also to speak in the style of Madonna saying “Italians do it better”, indicating that knew how to create football and having a envied championship. Now they could clearly say the opposite. Incredible and inexplicable how an unknown player who had been sold to more than once, betraying society, fans and friends can pass for credibility and without any evidence that an example of sportsmanship, respect and above all courage (remember the episode of Lecce-Bari), as Antonio Conte.

In England are happy, moreover without Conte on the bench for the Blues is better for English football, but frankly they are “stunned”, Italy from Isla Bonita became the Peninsula Banana, or if you prefer the Republic … of a world where laws are made specifically to damage the italian football system and where justice becomes a quick censor for Juventus and prescribing slow for others…

source:; by: Massimo Pavan

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