Martin, you have to do something to persuade Suarez to come!
Has already begun the hunt for the SHOT in the summer. Juventus 100% if it were to reach the Champions (free to knock on wood) will focus on a big name this summer. 

The last year has aimed at 4 players of 10 million, four musketeers (Lichtsteiner, Elia, Vidal, Vucinic) this summer will be the names of thickness at most one or two but the higher specific gravity, do not call them top players for obvious reasons, but players will definitely be able to give the team a further leap in quality. 

Assuming in a real way for an outflow of twenty-five million, we’ve updated the list of those names followed by Juventus, striking out or otherwise placing in the second row, Hazard, to advance another player who could be the summer shot. 

Gonzalo “El pepita” Higuain still remains, according to the major newspapers, the first choice. The Real Madrid this summer probably will put him on the market. It’s not difficult to imagine the contestants, first of all Chelsea. 

Switching from Argentina to Brazil, impossible not to imagine an attempt to Leandro Damiao. The Brazilian property Internacional de Porto Alegre definitely will leave Brazil later this year and his price in June may also abut on 20 million. Juventus may have already moved with Paratici the right moves but there will be to fight with Paris Saint Germain, the player would then play in Paris. Is the Uruguayan the most interesting name. 

Louis Suarez is the opportunity. Followed by the Real, the player will leave Liverpool. In England drew him between Real and Juventus . Who could help out Juventus? A certain Martin Caceres

We return then to Europe and we can not help but mention Stevan Jovetic. In the business Amauri could be entered a priority in case of transfer of the player who has always been a ball for black and white leadership. His character is liked always in manner, never out of the box and is liked his agreement with Vucinic. Transfers from Florence to Turin are always stormy, but you never know. 

Finally, what we thought would be more likely: Giuseppe Rossi. The player was close to Turin, and it was discussed throughout the summer. Marotta really likes the made in Italy and Beppe Rossi is the emblem. The agent then pushes the deal and is the same of Lichtsteiner, in the past: “the pressing of Juve is strong and Rossi is very happy for this destination. We are confident.”  

If we were to make a name, today, probably Giuseppe Rossi as the most likely, but you never know, the evidence of the mercato are often unpredictable. The more intriguing deal in any case is that of Louis Suarez, a real boom for quality and price. 

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise