TURIN, Feb. 15, 2013 – If it really who reigns on the land of midfield ends up having the ownership of the game, then Roma-Juve begins with a mortgage, Bianconera. Alongside the performance of the two midfields, the result is a comparison so far embarrassing: 20 goals to 10, 245 to 120 won contrasts, absolute values ​​that keep the proportions even diluted in the average of the individual, for playing time or appearances. To say, the trio of Juve with more mileage, owner we say (Vidal-Pirlo-Marchisio), travels at 14 goals and 152 winning contrasts, crumble the colleagues Giallorossi (Bradley-Tachtsidis-Florenzi), subject to 5 goals and 73 tackles won .

Then, as usual, the result of each games doesn’t come out from an equation of statistics, and for this, Antonio Conte has warned his men, trying to remove immediately the hangover for the 3-0 to Celtic. Summary of the message of the Juventus coach: children, on Saturday we will find a Rome pissed, and an environment that will become even more. And then, against us, everyone is trying to make the game of life.

The good news for Roma is that will miss a Claudio Marchisio in big sweep, disqualified (as Peluso), the bad, the spare part has proven to make damage anyway: Paul Pogba, he was helpful always perfect at times. Such with Udinese, when from thirty meters, twice, opened the game, until then sealed as a box. Four goals in 991 minutes, or one in 247, make it the most prolific midfielder. He is happy, if the desire to play had made him escape from Manchester, “Ferguson did not put me ever in the field – he repeated this week in The Times “- and I also spoke very little, so I was frustrated.”  Conte, on the contrary, pounds him of constant ,carrot and stick. This time to Pogba it’s up the job of mezz’ala, while on the left will return Asamoah, after the month in Africa Cup of Nations.

The Ghanaian winger has recovered from travel and fatigue, and is again ready for use. A eye still decide the midfield: after all, just with that the Juve opened the first leg: Pirlo’s first goal, on a low shot mocking free kick, bis Vidal (Penalty), in a carnival that ended 4-1 . To fold the fate, the technician giallorosso Aurelio Andreazzoli is testing the back four, at the base of a hypothetical 4-2-3-1, although to Trigoria come out drafts of a trench upon three. tactical Tests also for Conte which however will trust  to cemented 3-5-2, confirming that the defense has held in Glasgow (Barzagli-Bonucci-Caceres) and limiting changes to a minimum. There will be other times, the next two weeks free of games, and other challenges (at home against Siena) to expand the changes: Rome is no place to turnover.