From Milano are trying to bring everything of Saturday’s game on the wrong track. From the arbitration protests, even up to advocate an intervention of Abete, which, who knows why he should speak on this subject after having been silent on the allocation of the 2006 championship. In short, a situation perhaps created in a surgery manner to increase the pressure and tension for a challenge that Saturday night is not normal. 

 At this time putting the game on this plan of battle and controversial is risky for Juventus. Juventus is currently running above prescriti. Is not for the entire team available, but it is for physical, mental and play expressed. prescriti have important absences, no longer young players and that definitely can not keep pace with ninety minutes that Juventus can give. In Milan, know this. Only with a male part that lowers the technical tone and to raise those competitive, prescriti may win. Juventus must not fall into this error. Juventus must play its game, playing in an intense and determined way not to get involved in this decay, because it serves no purpose. 

 It will take determination and maximum desire, playing as Juventus has always played this year in Milan we can win and would be evidence that this Juventus may end up fighting for the goals of the season. 

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