What the fuck Mirko? Are you serious now? I can’t hear U! What? You just don’t want to STOP? Well in that case… GO BABY GO!
TURIN – The secret is Antonio Conte and his unconditional trust. Even in moments less brilliant, even when he seemed wrapped by the apathy, Mirko Vucinic has always enjoyed the support of the Juventus coach and companions, who have defended with drawn sword from criticism and boos from the fans. And now, away at Genoa, has awakened from torpor, triggering a higher gear, the Montenegrin striker has done nothing but confirm what everyone already knew in Juventus: he is the anti-Ibra, the attacker who can drag the team at the sound of goals, assists and magic chasing the Rossoneri. 

FIXED POINT There have not been anyway easy weeks for the Montenegrin: below-par performance, combined with the goal pain of the entire department and the contagion of pareggite that has hit Juventus, while AC Milan took the flight to +4. Yet, even when the black and white people seemed to have lost confidence in the real capabilities of the bomber, the top player paid 15 million last summer, that still does not score and go to alternating current, enough to pay him a good dose of whistles at Juventus Stadium in the final minutes of Chievo-Juventus, Conte remains adamant in considering him the only fixed point of his formation and renewed the esteem. The other bombers rotate, alternate, are competing to snatch a starting spot, to get some space, the Montenegrin is the only ever present in the list Conte. There, outside left, because is the only striker who can adapt to that position, to diligently carry out the tasks assigned. 

THE MOST TALENTED Why Conte pretends a lot?: confided in him not only for the invention that can solve the game, but also make himself available for his team, which loses, talks, triggers, covers. In short, a huge tactical work together even to a good physical form to keep up the pace even if, after having ground kilometers, he is not always lucid in going to the shooting. “I have great confidence in him. He is the most talented that we have, the attacker who can always invent the winning play. I keep him tight: we can not discuss a player like Vucinic ” all-out defense of the coach after the match against Chievo, two weeks ago. And Saturday night at the Franchi, Juventus coach could gloat for superlative test of the Montenegrin, a post, a goal and an assist, and saying that he was right in believing. “Some have turned up their noses when I confirmed Vucinic after less brilliant performance, but in the end is I who follow him throughout the week and if confirmed him I had my reasons.” It was even Dejan Savicevic right, the president of the Football Association of Montenegro, who knows him well and that in week he was biased in a prediction. “I saw him in Genoa: he is unlocked, will be crucial for the sprint. Mirko is a great striker and should not be underestimated: if he is in shape can win on his own . ” 

THE LOCKER ROOM But also the team gave a big hand to Vucinic because the esteem was renewed even in the dressing room: no complaints about the ups and downs, but great confidence to the “superstar” who can make a difference at any time and joker capable of being loving, joking and playing down. IS no matter what Vucinic has experienced a moment of nervousness, he is also left to go to bickering with his companions, the tension is limited to a few episodes in the field, outside has prevailed the compactness. IS a special aid, that of Andrea Pirlo. It is no coincidence that the regista has cheered Saturday at Florence with such a rush to goal of Vucinic as if he had sent that ball in the net. In recent weeks Pirlo has taken to heart the fate of his companion, trying to instill confidence in and off the field. He’s been good during the match against Bologna, when was helped set up the goal that brought an end to the long fast of Montenegrin and then has cuddled in dinner at which Vucinic has invited him, as if to repay you for the valuable ball . The therapy was had the desired effect: Vucinic has been unlocked, the ace is back, Milan is advised. 

source: Tuttosport (by Marina Salvetti) 
adapted by: Mike Prise