The Persuaders ss the title of a British television series created and produced in 1970-1971 by Robert S.Baker and transmitted in 1971-1972 in a single season of 24 episodes from the television network ITV (in the United States was instead distributed, around the same time, by the ABC network).

The roles of the two protagonists were entrusted to two stars like Tony Curtis, in the role of U.S. millionaire Danny Wilde, and Roger Moore in the role of the equal English Lord Brett Sinclair. There won’t be two international stars on Saturday night, but Juventus will have to be careful, a lot.

The Bianconeri until a few years ago suffered Lavezzi and Hamsik, we remember many goals, especially of the Slovak. Then came Cavani became three tenors, the past year with Pandev (worthy replacement for Lavezzi) the dangers quota rose to four. This year, a holder left, we went back to three.

Juventus will have to be attentive Saturday to the speed of Pandev, percussion and power of Cavani and placements of Hamsik. The three of them are the very soul of Naples. Two goals for them in Beijing, two goals in the final of the Italian Cup, three goals in the 3-3 last year. And even before that hat-trick of Cavani to Juve of Delneri and then a goal from Hamsik in 2010 and two goals of the Slovak in 2009. These numbers would be enough to put anxiety and concern.

Those three with Juventus have an open account.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan