don’t worry guys! we all are just getting warm…
Oh yes, we realized that the Aces in Conte’s sleeve are four that for a reason or another have not seen from September to late December and yesterday they punched or showed vivacity and desire to be leaders . 

The first is the Dutch Elia. The player unlined yesterday for the first time after a few noteworthy proof and scored the first goal in black and white. Encouraging signs for Mr. Conte has never launched the player except Catania but that may soon send into the fray to give breath to Pepe, or in some games to play with 4-2-4. 

The second ace is Alessandro Del Piero. The captain has already played, is true, but he has a strong desire to play and score. We are sure he will give the maximum if he is to play only 5, 10, , 15 or 90 minutes. His objective is to end the year great and then who knows … 

The third ace is Fabio Quagliarella. He, too, used little, because the road to recovery from injury, is the major potential of Conte in the offensive game. A card that combines unpredictability, but also depth into the game and concreteness. 

Finally, the fourth ace may be Milos Krasic if he won’t leave or maybe the newly arrived Marco Borriello

In any case, Antonio Conte is lucky and before the end of the winter session of the market, could have another beautiful new deck of cards to find in the other four aces .. but for now he should have to settle for only four, that would create envy to many coaches.

source:; by: Massimo Pavan 
adapted by: Mike Prise