We thought about it a moment and then we had no doubt: that the best reinforcement for the knockout stages of the Champions League is called Antonio Conte.

The reasons? Are quickly identified: rapid decision-making, responsiveness, no need to communicate through a third person, motivation, competitive charge, direct communication with the players tactics necessity during the match and then many small details that make it unique and special relationship between Antonio Conte and his boys. Obviously Alessio and Carrera have done just fine, but the relationship between Conte and the team is something different. Having Conte on the bench will be, in any case, an important added value, determining, at least at the level of motivation, which we saw a bit lacking in a couple of league games. In Europe, everything went smoothly, the second round of the Champions League with nine points was even exciting and the team has given 100% to the dictates of the technical staff, after an unfortunate passage in Denmark.

In the end we can talk about great gift of the team to the coach that will have the chance to start from February his Champions League. In this case, will count it all: determination, desire and above all the gift that Conte has more than the others, the ability to put players in a position to give everything on the pitch. For this reason the main Champions reinforcement will be him, then if Marotta will add a cherry, if not two, no one will say no.

source: tuttojuve.com; by: Massimo Pavan