Everybody, lose the long faces and chin up right now! How can we be sad or depressed when we are STILL top to the table, with only 2 games to go and STILL masters of our own destiny. A year ago that would have been simply unimaginable. Just take a look at the front cover. I know you already saw it at the main page, but still scroll up and really look at it. If that’s the spirit in the team, why the hell shouldn’t it be our own too?! We are a solid team with good bonds and are STILL rocking Serie A. Indeed, the team failed to make the most of the match against Lecce, but it was no way Gigi’s fault alone. We could not convert our chances when they had gone down to 10 men. And the bonus gap we had ahead of Milan was reduced to a single point.  That being said, we must leave it behind. There are 6 points up for grabs and collecting them will make us champions.  Now I don’t want to speculate and suggest we depend on other results, but anything short of a Milan win vs Merda, coupled with our success in Trieste will hand us the crown this very week..but again, let us not speculate and instead just play our game. Good Since Cagliari are having some trouble with their pitch, we will be playing at Stadio Nereo Rocco, which makes for little a visit as it is much closer to Turin than Cagliari.  And since the Tyrrhenian Sea cannot be crossed on a cheap swim, I think it likely that we meet the amount of Cagliari fans at Trieste slightly depleted.  Buffon was the one who mad the mistake. How can this be good news, I hear my dog say? Why, because if there is someone in the team that can bounce back from such a horrid mistake, is him. Don’t forget he’s a super hero. Super Gigi.  Bad Paolino suffered from a thigh strain, which will not only keep him away from Trieste, but from the 2 remaining fixtures altogether, and coming at a time whe he was hitting top form, and a deserved spot in the Euros had been suggested. This sucks, as Chiello will be fielded as LB if we defend with 4, and Esti or Martín as LWB if we defend with 3. Esti hasn’t been great defensively, and Martín proved to be much less efficient vs Lecce when coming from the left. Ugly We will all sort of be cheering for Merda, which is always ugly shit.  CAGLIARI Even though the Sardi remain unbeaten in their last 5 “home” games, they still hold an unflattering record of late, with just one victory in their past 6 games, altogether. We must be wary of some of their players, as we meet former Juventini duo Ariaudo and Ekdal, which are both talented.  On defense they boast one of their most promising talents in Davide Astori. The reason why we follow him as a target, as many other top clubs do, is because he is a solid defender, getting more intelligent and sharp by the day.  Another target we have is the well know Nainggolan, who is a key part in Cagliari’s midfield and success. Further up front we may well be prepared for a probable duo, yet another Colombian named Victor Ibarbo, who is young and powerfull. And the Chilean Mauricio Pinilla, who is not world class, but is consistent enough to make him a very decent striker. Not much to be said apart from the very title of this post.  it was will and courage that brought us here, now is the time to maximize our potential and prove to ourselves and to the world what we are made of, and just exactly why Europe should be scared again.  I for one will be three pronged on Sunday.  iPad with Forum on right hand. Laptop with the Milans game.  T.V with our destruction of Cagliari. And lying on the bed with a 39 degree fever (I kid you not), and pretty much postponing every bit of work I have due for Monday.