In an early summer afternoon eight friends, subscribers for years (first at Juventus and, since 2006, the Juvinese, then become Cesentus) decide to renew their subscriptions.

Of course, being friends, would like to be close in the stadium.
And, equally obviously, would like to choose, in addition to the area, the place including .
The choice is East Side, sub sector 219 (second link). The ideal would be the sector 218 (more central), at the front of 219.

The simplest thing is to do everything online.
We are in 2011. And we’re talking about changing the football stadium, not pizza and beets or figs and Nutella.
But the solution is not viable online.
On Listicket, of fact, you can choose only the sector. East Side, in our case.

But you can not choose the sub-sector (219 in our case) and, consequently, even the place.
The system does it. And, surprisingly, their positions are the worst. Doing some tests, it is always assigned by default one  of the sub-sectors aside : 214 to the second ring and 111 of the first ring.
There is another problem, definitely not secondary.

On Listicket you can take up to four subscriptions at a time.

The number, for a rancorous of the first time that has witnessed the gesture of the hand in the assembly of Zaccone of October 2006 (“There were FOUR unlawful”), undoubtedly has its own reason now.

But we are eight, not four. 
And, as mentioned, we would to be all together.
But on Listicket you can not. 
The purchase of eight subscriptions must be made in two tranches of four. 
And, of course, since the assignment of the sector is determined to mechanism of the system, there is no certainty that we have eight seats together. 
Maybe they are FOUR (close) on one side and four (close) elsewhere. 
After vainly chased the chimera of doing everything conveniently online, we move to Plan B. 

Visit the ticket office in Galleria San Federico. 
The ticket office is open from 11 to 19. Opening hours less than ideal for those working .

Not being able to lose the whole day, we said to meet in the Galleria San Federico at 18.30 on Tuesday 21 June, opening day of the subscription campaign.

If you do not work right in Piazza San Carlo or the surrounding area, to be at 18.30 in the Galleria San Federico, you have to move on time and leave work early. 
If, then, you work in Milan, like me, touches on you get out  before the office, to take the high speed of 17:18, hoping to be on time (all right from this point of view, only five minutes late). 
In practice, it goes away most of the afternoon. 
In Via Bertola, just steps from the end, I was called by Andrea. “This is a disaster, we can not do the subscription. There are too many people and only two employees at the counter. 
They have already given away all the cards. Indeed, we fail even to dispose of all those who took note today. “ 
A few minutes later I reach them.
Given the bad turn, we just have to try, without much conviction, to try a  Lottomatica betting chance.
Massi, with IPAD and iPhone (maybe even iPod), find the nearest bookies.
There is however no doubt that even in the legitimate receiver will not be able to choose the place. 
In fact, Listicket is the site of LIS (Italy Lottomatica Services), a subsidiary of Lottomatica, which is dedicated to the sale of tickets online. 
We call the lottery, which confirms. Minchiam assignment to the place in the stadium. No choice.
We decide to give up for now and look for other ways to find eight seats together. 
In the best tradition laugh-cesentina, we form a special committee to evaluate how to proceed.

The Committee, as quickly as Amauri and efficiently as Monsieur Blon, meets on the spot for an aperitif (very good and plentiful) at Mokita Bar. 
But, for the moment, no decision is yet operational. We remain waiting watchful.

It’s still unbelievable that in 2011, it is so difficult to choose your seat in the stadium that changes the game.

Article by : Il Mago di Ios

adapted by Mike Prise