Like all summer catchphrases, the chorus of Juve founded on the wingers has already become an ancient memory. A bit for the inability of newcomers to make a difference on the band, a bit for the precise tactical choice of Antonio Conte went from 4-2-4 to 4-2-3-1 again, the music and protagonists have changed rapidly in Vinovo and surroundings. And at the same time the needs and perspectives between the Bianconeri have changed radically: what appeared indispensable in August, now appears to have become even superfluous. And so if Elia had to make a difference and instead has disappeared , those who had to be cut is now a immovable starter. 

 Simone Pepe is the symbol of transformation, and his return to Juventus and National is the sweetest prize and a confirmation that we can not do without him. “Maybe I do not have the class of the other – said the black and white jolly, which against Poland has played the entire second half – but I think I can always give my contribution: with work, race and commitment. Because the goal is to do what the coach asks me and I’m always giving everything” For this Pepe loves and agrees with Conte, him who in the summer never had a guaranteed place in the team and then was most used until the end of the season. Although in the Juventus revolution, “Er chatter” (the nickname for years, that accompanies him) seemed destined to be just a reinforcement, considering the amount of wingers purchased: from Elia to Estigarribia, up to Giaccherini on the potential use of Vucinic on the wing. “This summer was said and read ” Pepe will not play. “In fact – he points out – the company has taken many players on the wing. And all are very good, but then we saw on the field what happened and changed. ” 

 Pepe has played every game and only once was not starter: total 743 ‘ spent in the field from 810. “I think in the end that you don’t play 150 games in Serie A just for chance – he smiles – also there is a reason that Lippi and Prandelli have called me in the National Team.” The pride of having changed the hierarchy joins the turnaround made ​​by Conte on the wings. In that manner that the Juventus for the construction will force the club to change even the cards on the market in January. With the new 4-2-3-1 serve at least one new central defender and a midfielder (if Chiellini will play on the left), but above all it will lighten the Department of the wingers. And on the counter for sale may safely finish the two foreigners who have not integrated in italian Juve of Conte: Dutch Eljero Elia, took a few months ago from Hamburg for 9 million, and Serbian Milos Krasic , taken in summer 2010 from CSKA Moscow for 15 million.

 Two real shots of market, investment made and quality guaranteed on paper, which now face a dangerous cut. Elia has played just 45 minutes, which is the first half in Catania-Juventus, before falling into oblivion of the bench and so miss the Dutch national team. Krasic, however, has had more opportunity (six appearances, including 4 starts) and has also scored a goal (in Catania), but he never convinced Conte and little by little has lost his place in the field or on the bench (was in the stands with Fiorentina and prescriti). The burning file of Elia and Krasic is on the desk of Marotta. Who can not afford damaging losses in a budget already in the red, but must find a solution.

 Because of this Elia could return on loan in Germany (perhaps at Schalke 04 in exchange for the attacker Farfan), while Krasic can be sold. The Serbian wing was always liked by Manchester City, while a track leads to the Germans of Borussia Dortmund, who have two talents of 22 year olds in team followed closely by Juve, defender Hummels and midfielder Perisic. Their prices are off-limits, but the market has yet to begin.