Juventus is discovering a new feature of Massimiliano Allegri, totally opposite to what were the initial expectations or prospects: the Furious Allegri . After the “fiuu” of narrow escape with Olympiacos, the Juventus coach seems to have a new spirit, after the initial soft-spoken, is getting used to quickly the Juventus dictates :” winning is the only thing that matters.”

That “fiuu” in the sympathetic tweet after the challenge with the Greeks lost a “u” and became Fiu, as the logo of the University of Florida where a Puma stands fighting in the foreground. Massimiliano Allegri, in fact, on Wednesday night, it looked like a wounded puma , ready to jump on each of his players to encourage them to give more and especially ask extremely concreteness to avoid the risks of the game.

The good news is that Allegri, game after game always seems more involved in the Juventus world: and perhaps abandoned his aplomb, his seraphic calm to embrace the zebra features who see the determination and desire to always fight first of all, characteristics that the people of the Old Lady appreciates beyond belief.

Allegri seems much more determined than the last period in Milan, the team follows him and everything is going the right way, the game improves, the players, even those who had been used less, when they are called into question, answer and present the signs are extremely positive from all points of view.

It must be said that Massimiliano Allegri arrived on tiptoe and preferred to keep the original tactical system and then slowly put his ideas, totally apt choice.

The module now seems to be right, the team follows it and the game is fluid with the opportunities that come and come materialized with twelve goals in their last three games. The hope in Juventus house is that we can continue in this way and continue to win again as done in previous years with Antonio Conte.

adapted an article of Massimo Pavan

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