Paratici trip to Brazil, is now becoming an adventure comparable to that of Christopher Columbus. On the Web sightings going crazy on hypothetical matches are the most unlikely and many names of players with good curriculum record and some less.

Rhodolfo thought must fade due to high costs. The hottest names seem to be those of the left-back Barbosa (’83) and midfielder Cardoso (’88). Other player would be the defender from 1984, Fabio Ferreira, with contract about to expire. Some of these names seem to be fictitious, but it seems real the interest of the Vasco da Gama, Dede, class ’88, who under the eyes of the right arm of Marotta, scored twice.

Do not rule out interest in the 21-year old midfielder of Vasco da Gama, Romulo. Finally, eyes even on Elkeson and Maicosuel also at Botafogo. We recall that on Sunday at 22 there’s Botafogo-Vasco da Gama.

In short, an opportunity to spy on players. The Juventus fans, but they have a hope, memories of a movie a few years ago. They hope that Paratici is able to achieve the same results as Oronzo Cana, on his journey to Brazil led by the facilitator, Bergonzoni and trusted Giginho, failed to achieve any of Socrates and Junior , but the “black pearl” Aristotoles. If a young man like Pato or in Neymar style would arrive, no one would object.