TURIN, Feb. 11, 2013 – How many sorrows. Even the night when Vialli lifted the Champions League only won by Juventus, that of 85 was still called the European Cup, Antonio Conte wept more of anger than joy. He had injured his leg just before the break. All the rest had followed from the infirmary looking Jugovic, his replacement, mark the penalty-kick of victory on Ajax.

“Around me, that I had the leg swollen like a melon, broke out the party – remember -. I was also happy but I could not console me for not being in the field at the decisive moment and above all of compromising participation in the European Championships. Sacchi would have called, instead came to nothing. “

Of course, the relationship of Conte with Europe is somewhat loser. Was broken when the the National Zoff left for European lost to France, and in that way. Another injury forced him to forfeit in the final against Borussia Dortmund in ’97, in ’98 that lost against Real Madrid was no longer the owner and played about ten minutes that did not change anything, in that of 2003 came to ‘beginning of the second half and the center of the field saw Shevchenko slam in the goal the penalty for the success of Milan in the only all-Italian epilogue of the history.

Even the last act was stuff to fret the liver. He went with Juventus in La Coruña and lost 1-0. It seemed a simple result to be overturned the Galicians replied it instead in return. Since that February of 2004, Europe has forgotten him. After nine years exactly Conte loses face for a change, as manager, the unfortunate trend of the midfielder. He, in fact, does not give us too much weight. It is as if he put a mirror between the two careers, and if he turns to look at the past the mirror returns the image of the present…