Chiellini Giorgio vs Davide Massa - FIORENTINA-JUVENTUS COPPA ITALIA - semifinal - 07.04.2015 - Firenze, Stadio Artemio Franchi ©FotoFederico De Luca
Chiellini Giorgio vs Davide Massa – FIORENTINA-JUVENTUS COPPA ITALIA – semifinal – 07.04.2015 – Firenze, Stadio Artemio Franchi ©FotoFederico De Luca

Morata and his applause
It is October 24, 1993: Jurgen Kohler, having disintegrated Jean Pierre Papin for an hour, leaving the field because of injury. San Siro overwhelms him with boos, he responds by sending kisses to the crowd. It’s April 7, 2015, Alvaro Morata, one of the protagonists of the 0-3 at Fiorentina, coming out between the whistles Artemio Franchi, smiles and applauds the Fiesole curve. It is already history.

The Odd Couple
Four years ago were delcared as failures. A year ago they were still branded inadequate for Europe. By now no one longer disputes them. Yesterday were perfect. It is not a figure of speech: they were so perfect as to not miss a comma. Chiellini and Bonucci.

The key elements
On paper has played with six reserves. It has checkmated Montella, stealing the ball game. It is the victory of Allegri. But it is also the victory of Marotta. Not only Morata, but also Pereyra is proving to have talent; more than 90% accuracy in the passes, running, shooting, dribbling and speed (the two elements that were missing last year); and now also the goals.

Marchisio is not only good, he is becoming even beautiful; in the field, of course. He realized that if he wants to become the heir of Pirlo, must also copy some changes aesthetic. And he runs, hits, sees things a quarter of an hour before the others, as he always did; but when he has the ball at his feet trying to complicate less than usual, tries to give peace to others with greater harmony of movements. Never pleased to much.

Marcos Alonso tinkers with the ball on the line of the side foul, and Mike Tyson is running toward him to steal the ball. The Spaniard, after checking with difficulty the ball, looks up and sees a basin and two knees swaying dangerously towards him. The reaction of the player viola is that moment of fear that makes him lose the ball. Yes, Arturo Vidal not only seems back in top form from a year ago, but when he runs sways from side to side, almost careening, just as did the former boxing champion to enter the opposing guard to menare the uprights.

The missing link
From the Fiesole curve is repeatedly echoed the chorus “kill them, kill them”. Compared to the old choirs on Heysel is still a step forward. The evolutionary scale.

Salah for next time
The viola bogeyman , the Egyptian phenomenon played a game of a quarter of an hour. There was talk of a cage to trap him, but Juventus did not prepare any special attention on him. It was enough to do as Juventus does it: keep the ball, press and thus forcing opponents to raise balls ( on the head of Chiellini) hold the departments tight in the event of non-possession.

The End.

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