TURIN, May 13, 2012 – You’re a Pirlo. Footballing speaking, there could be no higher compliment. Moreover, the Pirlo in question has become the symbol of the Italian champions, Juventus. Yes, a Pirlo in the gears, a Pirlo in the results. Vote? Ten, and many others in the league. 

STANDING OVATION Conte-centric, the Bianconeri. With a phenomenon more, precisely Pirloassists man, goals man, team man. To reward, to be applauded today at the JUVENTUS Stadium. Wherever he is, in the field or maybe interested spectator, after miles of running and thousands of passes here and there. All rise, parades the best. That the FIFA crowned: “THE DEAL OF THE CENTURY.” 

IN MOTO “Deal of the Century,” he was elected. And the definition does not seem exaggerated. Yeah, that was the deal of the century, from an economic and technical point of view. Because Marotta persuaded him to get back into the game to Juve and Juve has set in motion with him. At the end of the contract with AC Milan, scudettato but not pampered, Pirlo has married another cause. By winning.

You want to put some satisfaction, now … Zero cost, infinite performance 

source: tuttosport.com 
adapted by: Mike Prise